About us

About us

Marito is a domestic and commercial furniture manufacturer with 15 years of experience. We specialise in bespoke furniture for kitchens, halls, bedrooms, dressing rooms, living rooms & bathrooms. We also help to plan effectively any office or production space. Our extensive experience allows us to take on even the most challenging orders. Our offer is directed primarily to the inhabitants of Warsaw, Wrocław and the surrounding areas of these cities. However, if you want to give us a larger order, we will be happy to go to any place you indicate in the country or Europe.

We meet deadlines with unwavering reliability.

Our customers expect fast order fulfilment and that the furniture they receive complies fully with their requirements. Therefore, we approach each order individually. First, we will analyse your needs and develop an accurate action plan, including pricing. We are here to provide you with guidance and advice to ensure that the furniture you order from us is functional and allows you to optimize your space perfectly. Next, our technicians will take exact measurements. However, we will not stop there. Once the furniture is ready, our team will assemble it swiftly and skillfully at your location. It will save you time and energy: all you require is to arrange larger and smaller items on the shelves or drawers.

Experience, knowledge, and passion: the qualities that set us apart.

At Marito, we only hire experienced and committed professionals to ensure that all the work is done correctly, quickly, and reliably. By choosing us, you can be sure that the furniture you receive is of the highest quality and delivered promptly. It will enable you to seamlessly manage the entire renovation and construction process and onboard any other professionals to open your office on schedule. In our company, however, experience is not everything! We strive to keep expanding our knowledge to provide you with the best and most modern solutions. Whether you need to arrange an unconventional space with slanting walls or odd dimensions, we are here to help. We will show you the best options available in the market, some of which may be new and surprising.

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We only use proven materials for quality craftsmanship.

At Marito, we understand that exceptional craftsmanship requires top-tier materials. This combination is essential for creating pieces of furniture that are both aesthetically pleasing and able to withstand the test of time. We source our wood and boards from reputable vendors and use only certified varnishes that are safe for children. We trust in Blum, Peka and Hettich systems to ensure that our furniture will look great for years and provide a satisfying experience for you. At Marito, we offer a variety of colours and finishes for our furniture, ranging from smooth matte or glossy finishes to milled and openwork. We aim to help you create a look that will flawlessly fit the unique style of your home or office. Wherever you are looking for a cosy, rustic atmosphere or a modern, minimalist interior, we can help you achieve the desired effect! Contact us at Marito and learn more about our offer!

Why is it worth working with us?

High-quality varnishes

At Marito, we use only high-quality, certified varnishes to cover furniture fronts. The furniture created in our workshop is therefore not only beautiful but also completely safe – especially for children! With our help, you will arrange a fashionable child’s room or kitchen in your favorite color and watch how your child takes its first steps and explores the surroundings with all its senses! Plus, we use additional varnish protection, the so-called insulator, in rooms with higher humidity.

The best quality materials and accessories

At Marito, we use only the best materials for our furniture, such as the renowned Egger boards. We only use Blum, Peka, and Hettich for assembling drawers, corner systems, and sliding doors. These systems are known worldwide, reliable, and virtually fail-proof, providing years of easy and smooth operation. Even after years of use, the drawers, and interiors of corner cabinets open and close just as easily, as they did on the first day!

Modern Projects

At Marito, we value modern solutions! That is why we follow the emerging trends in the market on an ongoing basis. We create contemporary arrangements with the best architects and interior designers. We guarantee that the furniture you choose will be equipped with the most advanced systems, ensuring its long-term functionality. Even if you select a more classic design, the interior will still be innovative.

Secured agreement

We prioritize the customer above all else. Therefore, our contract has been designed to give you the best possible deal. We have included clauses that stipulate our company faces a contractual penalty for any delays. Additionally, we do not require payment upfront. You only need to pay 50% of the total amount before the order, and the remaining 50% will be accepted after the assembly is completed and delivered.

End-to-end execution

At Marito, we handle all aspects of furniture production, from initial measurements to assembly in your home or office. Not relying on subcontractors for any part of the process helps us to complete projects quickly and ensures we meet agreed deadlines. Additionally, we have all sample products so you can see what your furniture will look like when it’s ready.

Furniture accessories

At Marito, we offer a thorough implementation of any project you have in mind. From upholstered elements to pieces made of concrete, steel, glass, or stone – we will deliver the furniture you desire. Take the hassle out of searching for another company, arranging deadlines, or bearing additional costs – we will take care of every detail for you and ensure that the finished product looks just as stunning as you imagined.

Quotation without hidden costs

We approach each order individually and prepare a detailed quote. It contains all costs, including project implementation, furniture transport, and assembly. In addition, when signing the contract, we guarantee the price! It gives you confidence that no additional, hidden costs will surprise you later. It will also make it easier for you to continue planning your renovation budget.

Project included in the price

Working with Marito ensures that the customer receives a comprehensive overview of the project cost from the start, as we always include the project cost in the price of the order. It also includes any potential alterations to the electrical or plumbing setup. Therefore, customers can always be sure of what will be done and what it will cost, without any surprises or extra costs along the way.

Lifetime warranty

We always provide a generous warranty for completed projects! All your furniture and furniture systems will be covered by a 3-year warranty, while Blum furniture will have a lifetime warranty. Rest assured, if any issues arise during use, we will come to repair the problem at no extra cost.

Modern look

At Marito, we care about continuous development. We are committed to keeping our product range up-to-date with the latest trends and modern solutions, including the most fashionable designs and top-quality materials. We provide timeless classics and up-and-coming designs that are gaining popularity with designers and consumers alike. With us, you’ll always stay ahead of the curve!

Professional support

Throughout the entire order process, our knowledgeable designers are available to provide you with expert advice. We partner with the best in the business to ensure that the design reflects your vision. Our designers will take the time to understand what you want and ensure that the space is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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