Order furniture

Order furniture
At Marito, we provide custom-made furniture for customers who have a clear vision of the pieces they need for their home or office and those who need help finding that perfect piece for their space. At every stage of the process, you can count on our commitment, support, and professional advice.

Perfect design and detailed measurement

You can start working with Marito at any time, as you see fit:
Please e-mail us with the space design to be arranged or a description of the furniture you would like to order (including dimensions), and we will send you a free quote!
Schedule a visit to our office so we can discuss the specifics, and you can check out the samples. Once we have settled on the details, we will send you a free quote.
We can come to your home or office to measure the space and provide you with an exact quote. We will charge you for the visit, but if you decide to work with us, we will include this cost in the final project price.

What’s next?

Once you agree to the quote, we will sort out the specifics of signing the contract: on-site, at our office, or online. The price we agreed upon on the day will remain the same throughout the process. That way you won’t have any surprises down the line.
Next, we will perform detailed measurements of the space and, based on your suggestions, prepare a custom furniture design. You can count on our support throughout the process: we will suggest the best arrangement for the inside of the wardrobe in the living room or the kitchen cabinets. We will help you arrange an unusual home or business space attractively and functionally.
At this stage, you will also decide on the type of finish, the furniture material, and its color, or the accessories (handles, slats, etc.). If the furniture is to contain upholstered, glass, stone, or concrete elements, we will also specify it at this stage of cooperation. We will send the finished project by e-mail; this is when you can submit any comments. After accepting the project, we will take care of its complete execution – you will not have to employ other subcontractors, meaning you will save time and money.

Order fulfillment

Once we determine all the details and specify the contracted deadline for your order, we’ll get to work! We will deliver the finished furniture on the day agreed in the contract. Our employees will quickly and efficiently assemble and install it and answer any additional questions. However, if any doubts or issues regarding, for example, furniture maintenance arise later – we are still at your disposal! You can call us or write to us at any time. We’re here to help!
At Marito, we strongly believe in the quality of our products. When you sign the contract, you will receive a 3-year warranty to allow free adjustment of furniture systems. Additionally, a 3-year general warranty on the ordered items also applies.
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